Ammoniti, Un Viaggio Geologico nelle Montagne Appenniniche

Ammoniti, un Viaggio Geologico Nelle Montagne Appenniniche (“Ammonites, a Geological Journey in the Mountains of Appennino”) can be ordered by email.

BOOK PRICE: 40.00 € + Delivery costs

To order the book send an email to:  sarvent@gmail.com


This book covers various subjects related with the study of ammonites, such as biostratigraphy, environmental crises and evolution. The updated and codified taxonomic cards of the Apennine genera were originally inspired by the criteria used by Arkell et al. (1957) in their “Treatise on Invertebrate Palaeontology”. For a given genus, each single-page card includes nomenclature data, chronostratigraphic range, character descriptions (whorl section, coiling, ventral area, ornamentation, suture lines), rock and locality provenances of the samples, photographs and/or drawings of the most representative available specimen. More comprehensive cards on families and subfamilies are present as well.

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